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How To Use Pipe Cleaners To Style Very Long Sisterlocks by Imani Goodridge

In the video below, Imani Goodridge shows us how she used pipe cleaners to style her Mother’s waist-long sisterlocks.

In summary:

Imani introduces herself and her mother’s long hair. She mentions the materials needed for the tutorial and explains the importance of not weighing down the hair with too much product.

Preparing the Hair

  • Dampen the hair with water.
  • Apply a small amount of oil and hair growth lotion (optional).
  • Divide the hair into manageable sections.

01:15 Sectioning and Curler Preparation

The speaker demonstrates how to section off the hair and prepare the pipe cleaner curlers for installation.

Sectioning Off the Hair

  • Separate the hair into four or more manageable sections.
  • Leave one section at a time to work on.

Pipe Cleaner Curler Preparation

  • Use pipe cleaners as curlers.
  • Start about two inches away from the end of each section.
  • Wrap the end of each section around a pipe cleaner curler, leaving space for wrapping it further down.
  • Securely fasten the tail end of each section over its own wrapped portion on the curler.
  • Continue wrapping and securing until reaching the root of each section.

04:37 Installation Process and Results

The speaker explains how to install all 48 pipe cleaner curlers in her mother’s long hair. She also shares tips for faster installation. Finally, she showcases side-by-side results of both her own shorter locks and her mother’s longer locks after removing the curlers.

Installing Pipe Cleaner Curlers

  • Use approximately 48 pipe cleaner curlers for long locks.
  • Ensure that sections are not too thick to avoid prolonged drying time.
  • Wrap each section tightly but without causing discomfort or damage to your hair.
  • Push back each curled portion along the shaft of the curler to aid in drying and create tighter, bouncier curls.
  • Continue wrapping and pushing back until reaching the root of each section.
  • Spiral the end of each pipe cleaner around itself at the root.


  • Imani and her mother’s hair both have defined curls after removing the pipe cleaner curlers.
  • Longer hair may have less volume due to its weight, but it still adds significant volume.
  • Pipe cleaner curls are a great alternative for various types of locks, including dreadlocks and sister locks.

06:04 Conclusion

Imani concludes by emphasizing that pipe cleaner curls can be a great option for those with longer sisterlocks. She encourages you to try this method and mentions that she hopes you enjoyed the tutorial.

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