Here’s A Beautiful Way To Rock Bantu Knots

This beautiful sister shows us no matter the age (even 50+), anyone can rock Bantu Knots.
Though this is not a bantu knot tutorial, you should check out her look in this short 2 minute video.
Go on pretty Lady!

Bantu Knots Look By @BEAUTYROCKSME

Get your prayer on. Get your unclaimed money on. Get your dating life on.

Good Morning Ladies.

I’m just coming to you very briefly to show you my Bantu Knots.  I’m on my way out for the first time with the knots in my head.  And I am enjoying my natural hair so far

You know all grades of hair are different. So you have to be careful when you’re watching different people because they’re gonna have different grades of hair than yourself.

I’m still learning my hair is kinda thick up in this area. And not fine but a little thin (not thin) but the touch is just different that’s what I’m looking for.  I just have several different types of textures going on right now.

But anyway I just wanted to come to you briefly to let you know that we can rock these Bantu Knots no matter what age we are. And I think that I am representing 50 and beyond pretty well.

These are my Bantu Knots.

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