The 3 Best Sisterlock Facebook Groups


Here are 3 of the best and most active Sisterlock groups on Facebook. They help in finding styles, tips, techniques, consultants, and possibly friends.

Perfect Loc Petal Tutorial


Here’s the perfect loc petal hairstyle tutorial for sisterlocks and traditional locs.

Slideshow Of Sisterlock Hairstyles


Here’s a beautiful slideshow of sisterlock hairstyles. And the music that goes along with it is absolutely perfect!

Simple Up Do Hairstyle Tutorial Video


Here’s a tutorial video showing you how to do a nice, creative updo hairstyle on sisterlocks.

7 Quick & Easy Sisterlock Hairstyles


This is a good video showing several different quick and easy-to-do sisterlock hairstyles.
Each style can be done with little effort.

Excellent Tutorial Of Bantu Knots On Sisterlocks


Below is an excellent tutorial showing how to do Bantu Knots on Sisterlocks.
I like the tutorial because:
1. it’s short
2. the teacher doesn’t talk to much
3. music plays while she finishes the work
4. she mentions the product to put on your hair
5. she includes a tip on how to sleep on them

My only complaint is she doesn’t show how they look when she takes all of them down.
Check out the quick tutorial below:

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