The 3 Best Sisterlock Facebook Groups


Here are 3 of the best and most active Sisterlock groups on Facebook. They help in finding styles, tips, techniques, consultants, and possibly friends.

Honey and Olive Oil Test Update #2 (4c hair)

Can you suggest a better tutorial?

This is my second update of how the honey and olive oil treatments are doing for my hair. I realized that for my afro textured (or/and 4c) hair, doing the tr…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Styling Ideas For Braids Twists Dreads and Natural Hair

Thank goodness for youtube tutorials

Ideas for Styling your natural hair, box braids, flat twists, dreads and other protective hair styles. I will be showing tutorials for these up dos very soon…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

025: Short Natural Hair “CurlyFro???”

Are you down with this tutorial?

Of course this vid was taped pre-BC II. I tried to do the CurlyFro that BlackOnyx77, CurlyChronicles, and others have done. Blog: Twitt…

Pipe Cleaner Curls Results

We found this tutorial. Can you suggest others?

This is what the pipe cleaner spiral curls look like!

ZULU Earth Solutions stimulant shampoo hair wash {Nairobi Kenya}

What would you do to improve this tutorial?

This video was done the old fashioned way in a backyard in Nairobi Kenya. I was visiting and decided to shoot the video with my Kingman and his sista who are…

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